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Indictment of Former Buncombe County Manager, Wanda Greene



The Buncombe County website states that Commissioners are to “ASSURE FISCAL AND PROGRAMMATIC ACCOUNTABILITY to citizens through internal and external reporting and well-documented clearly communicated procedures.”

The indictment shows that between March 2014 and May 2017 the above-named county officials took twenty luxury vacations, including trips abroad, that were ultimately charged to the taxpayers. How could county commissioners fail to question these many trips, taken in such a short period of time, by the top executives that were supposed to be here supervising the operation of the county. 

After reading the full indictments can anyone doubt this is a major failure by the controlling Democrat Commissioners to protect the citizens and provide financial oversight. That’s why taxpayers are angry and why it’s time for voters to vote Republican and give the other party an opportunity to clean up this mess.

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