About Angry Buncombe Taxpayers

About Us

This website is sponsored by the independent expenditure political action committee ANGRY TAXPAYERS. It is not affiliated with any candidate or party and is not allowed to contribute to any candidate, party or other political action committee. If you would like to support our effort, details are at the end of this message. We can take contributions from anyone including businesses.

Although we may appear to be very partisan and favoring Republicans, there is a reason. It is because the public corruption that has been exposed by federal indictments of Buncombe County government officials has all occurred while Democrats controlled the county. Had this happened under Republican control, we would be just as angry and appear just as partisan in favor of Democrats. The issue is not politics, it’s public corruption regardless of the party.

When county employees in leadership positions are indicted on numerous charges of fraud, money laundering, embezzlement and other violations, this abuse of public trust produces ANGRY TAXPAYERS. We realize there have yet to be convictions, but we must ask, “How could millions of tax dollars have been misused and/or redirected for personal gain without commissioners knowing about it?” 

Where was the oversight we elected them to provide?

We feel it is time for a change. It is time to give Republicans an opportunity to clean up the corruption and establish a system of checks and balances to prevent this type of abuse from happening again. What do we have to lose?

The theme of our effort between now and November 6th will be to “DRAIN THE SWAMP IN BUNCOMBE COUNTY.” We are now taking orders for yard signs like the one pictured here. They are big (18” x 36”) and require two of the wire stands to hold them. If you are an ANGRY TAXPAYER and would like to express your anger, we hope you will request one or more of the signs to place on your property. We are asking for a donation of $10 per sign, which includes the two stands and all funds received will be used to further educate the public about the corruption. We will also have large 4’ x 8’ signs available for a donation of $50 each.

We are requesting donations for the signs, because we want this to be a grass roots effort where everyone has a vested interest. If fraud, money laundering and embezzlement by government officials doesn’t bother you, then do nothing. But, if it makes you an ANGRY TAXPAYER, a $10 donation is a small contribution to make for a sign to support this effort and express your displeasure with public corruption.

If you would like to order one or more signs, email us at angrybuncombetaxpayer@gmail.com or send us a message when you register on the website.

If you would just like to contribute to the campaign, please mail your check to Angry Taxpayers; P O Box 16648; Asheville, NC 28816. All funds will be used to bring about a change in county leadership.

In any event, be sure to register on the website if you would like more information as this movement grows. We will also be publishing locations on this website where you can get signs once they are available…STAY TUNED…MORE TO COME!