A Message For Our Democrat Friends!

We understand that our message may seem harsh and the fact that we are urging voters to vote Republican on November 6th makes us look very partisan, but this is not the case. There are many good Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are upset with the corruption that has been exposed by numerous federal indictments of county administrators. What makes our anger seem so partisan is the fact that this has all occurred while Democrats controlled the county.

There is no excuse for high paid county employees to steal from the taxpayers or use their positions to get special perks like expensive trips, meals, gift cards, wine and other graft. This kind of corruption is an embarrassment to us all and really angers taxpayers, regardless of their political affiliation.

When one party controls county government for more than two decades and the elected officials of that party fail to provide adequate oversight to prevent this type corruption, it’s time for a change in leadership. The federal criminal indictments allege that this corruption has been ongoing for years. This is even more reason why we need a change in leadership in our county.

If our position offends any of our Democrat friends, we apologize, but don’t get angry at us, get angry at the people you have been electing and ask them why they allowed this corruption to happen. We know there have yet to be convictions, but we cannot understand how the allegations contained in the indictments could have occurred without commissioners knowing it. This lack of oversight is inexcusable.

Please join us as we work to DRAIN THE SWAMP IN BUNCOMBE COUNTY.