Property tax bills were received by most people on Saturday, August 18th. Could this be by design, since county offices are closed on the weekend? After all, it does give ANGRY TAXPAYERS the weekend to cool off a bit.

If you are like most people, you are seeing a substantial increase in your property taxes. How much, if not all the increase is the result of the theft and embezzlement by county administrators being uncovered by the FBI? How much of the taxes paid the past few years has gone to cover the ongoing theft and embezzlement? We are hearing calls from ANGRY TAXPAYERS urging people to refuse to pay their taxes until the corruption is fully resolved. Others are urging taxpayers to file suit against the county for sending out fraudulent tax bills based on the corruption.

The first step to cleaning up this embarrassingly negative mark on the county’s reputation is to change the leadership of the County Commission. The current situation is the result of a culture of corruption that has been allowed to take root and grow during more than 20 years of Democrat control and commissioner’s failure to provide proper oversight of the County Manager. How many more abuses of taxpayer’s funds are yet to be discovered? ANGRY TAXPAYERS are urging voters to vote Republican November 6th because we need a change in leadership. It’s time to elect a Republican majority to clean up the mess and put controls in place to prevent future corruption.

We urge everyone to get one or more of the signs we are offering to ANGRY TAXPAYERS. Talk with your friends and neighbors. Ask them to visit this website or our Facebook group page at Angry Buncombe Taxpayers. Voice your opinions there. Also check out Chapter 159 of the NC General Statutes to see what commissioners should have been doing to protect taxpayers. This grassroots effort is one where every taxpayer has a vested interest, whether they like it or not.

If this fraud and abuse has made you an ANGRY TAXPAYER, please join us as we work to DRAIN THE SWAMP IN BUNCOMBE COUNTY.